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More than 50 AMCS technologies' anti-collision systems at the Dubai Creek Harbour

More than 50 AMCS technologies' anti-collision systems at the Dubai Creek Harbour  - OnSite News - Onsite news.

AMCS technologies is participating in an extraordinary Emaar project in the Middle East: the Dubai Creek Harbour, the new smart city of the future of Dubai. 


Presently, almost all the construction is concentrated on the Island District (phase one of the project), where AMCS technologies DCS 60 systems have been installed on all cranes. The system manage the largest number of cranes in interference in one location for 9 different contractors. So far, the company equip 59 cranes and it increase every day for new building coming up. Anti-collision systems are continually install for any new tower cranes going up because all crane are connected each other with radios. 


The complexity of this project is based on the proximity of the different cranes (luffing cranes, topless) and it creates many areas of interferences. The construction site can face collisions between jibs, jibs and counter-jibs, jibs and cables... 


"Anti-collision and zoning systems are essential for this spectacular project", mentioned Radoine Bouajaj, AMCS technologies Sales Director. The DCS 60 guarantees site safety by managing prohibited areas and interferences between cranes. It makes the work even easier by displaying useful settings for operating the crane. It ensure 3 essentials functions : 


- Zoning: 3-dimensional prohibited zones are quickly defined directly on the screen, by associating geometric shapes with the areas concerned. You can decide if the jib or the load is allowed to enter in the area previously set. You also have the possibility to define the maximum weight of the load allowed to enter a zone; 

- Anti-collision: The system operates in real time and in 3D to calculate the distances between each part of the crane as well as movement speeds. It enables action to be taken on equipped mechanisms to ensure complete immobilisation of the crane at a pre-set distance from a particular obstacle (cranes, building...); 

- Display unit and data logger: It continuously records and saves events related to "prohibited area" and "interference" function management, allowing direct viewing and/or downloading to a flash drive. An additional function enables the dynamic recording of certain information concerning system and/or crane status. 


As an universal anti-collision system, the DCS 60 is installed on different brands of cranes such as Liebherr, Potain Manitowoc, Terex, Wolffkran, Raimondi, XCMG...


Today, AMCS technologies' anti-collision systems play a fundamental role to build more than 33 high rise buildings and ensure the safety of more than 10000 employees on the job site. 


Its control screen in the cabine displays several information like: 

- The cranes movements and load, slewing position, trolley position, hook height and travelling position; 

- Static (no-go zones) and dynamic (other cranes) obstacles; 

- All other information that may assist productivity: date, time, load, moment, wind speed, jib position. 


This project is intended to be the new luxurious and futuristic port of Dubai. It is a fusion of creativity and innovation that will define the future of living and further enrich the city and the wider region.


With spectacular cultural offerings, world-class residences, shopping, amenities, offices and more, Dubai Creek Harbour represents the next frontier in contemporary life, work and play. 


The DCS 60 was chosen to its speed of installation, reliability, working comfort and the guarantee of a high performance productivity on a safe site.