The MEILLER tipper for rock transport for the toughest jobs

The MEILLER tipper for rock transport for the toughest jobs


The MEILLER tipper for rock transport is specially designed to tackle even the toughest quarry operations. Tasks can be performed safely and with ease, thanks to a flexible design incorporating a rock flap, top-hinged tailgate and removable mixed material plates with a dosing facility.


The sturdiness of the design and reliability during transportation of large rocks is demonstrated by, for example, the easily opened side wall which, together with the corner post, prevents the load from jamming during tipping. In addition to ensuring reliable operation, the superstructure is also protected against wear and damage as a result, considerably extending its lifetime.


In conjunction with strong, well-proven tubular hinges and the substructure, the floor plate of VS120 steel (8 or 10 mm thick, hardness 450 HBW) is at the heart of every MEILLER tipper for rock transport. Special double-plated side walls welded into their own fixtures provide the required stability and robustness and ensure that no dents caused by rocks are discernible from the outside. In terms of appearance, the side walls resemble aluminium walls, creating an outward impression that is extremely light and attractive. Made of 8 mm thick VS120, the MEILLER rock flap can be operated both pneumatically and hydraulically from the driver's cab, thus enabling easy dumping of extremely large rocks to the rear.


MEILLER is the only tipper manufacturer to also supply hydraulic systems, the steel components and both control and surface technology, making it a genuine one-stop provider. This means that customers can enjoy a maximum level of assurance and, simultaneously, is a guarantee of consistently high quality. Safety is also served by the folded down corner post which provides a clear loading area when loading large rocks from the side. In addition to saving time and dispensing with complicated manoeuvring, this also protects the corner post against damage. Folding down and fixation of the corner post can also be conveniently guided and controlled using a switch in the driver's cab.





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