The new Faresin FS 7.32 Compact

Faresin Industries presents the new FS 7.32 Compact, the first model of the Next Generation of Faresin telehandlers

The company from Veneto recently presented a preview of the FS 7.32 Compact, the first of the new FS range of Faresin Industries telehandlers. Faresin has chosen to do so broadcasting in “Closed Room” mode from a hangar at the Breganze plant. A minimalist yet high-tech live video, entirely focused on the technical and functional contents of the new product.  


A multi-voiced story that saw as its protagonist the FS project team led by the President Sante Faresin and by his daughters Silvia and Giulia, respectively Vice President and Operations Manager of Faresin Industries. A true paradigm shift with an eye to the future, because the range was created ready for the integration of new developments in "IoT" technology, which is becoming increasingly strategic for fleet management and man-machine interaction on farms and construction sites.


FS 7.32 Compact was designed from scratch to respond to the evolution of demand and to the growing environmental awareness in all sectors. A true "systemic" response that brings FS 7.32 Compact to the top of its sector as it impacts on all the main functions of the machine, focusing on the operator, the connection between the vehicle, its management and functional and assistance control. The FS 7.32 Compact project is the result of 20 years of experience in the telescopic sector and relies on an industrial system where Research and Development, Production and Marketing-Commercial work in a single integrated process that puts the customer at the centre of everything. All the structural components of the new machine, including the sophisticated software that manages the integrated sensors, were in fact designed, tested and manufactured at the Breganze plant. A Made in Faresin technology that is revolutionising the sector and that has already attracted global attention with the introduction of the first fully electric handler worldwide. The new FS 7.32 Compact will be presented to the general public at Eima International in Bologna, where visitors will be able to learn more about this technological gem first-hand. 


FS 7.32 Compact comes with a new design that started from a Faresin R&D idea and was developed in collaboration with prestigious specialist firms and cutting-edge partners exploiting executive technology. The goal was to create a distinctive product, which combines exceptional performance with a captivating style that only Made in Italy can create. For the FS range, the livery was also completely redesigned in order to mark the change. With the Faresin red identifier that stands out on the new cowlings, the Faresin grey boom is the same as the under bonnet and mudguards, which have also been revised. The ennobling silver grey has been retained on the side bands bearing the model name and on the rims. 

The characteristic element of this livery is the "scratch", the white mark that runs along the rib of the bonnet to emphasise its profile while at the same time assuming the role of a distinctive feature. The markedly tapered inclination on the right front wheel of the bonnet sets a new level of visibility for telehandlers. The result is an appealing, yet unprecedented design that sculpts an original and innovative driving position with unparalleled visibility combined with clean and decisive lines. 


The first model of the new FS Range is the FS 7.32, a compact telehandler with 3.2 t maximum lifting capacity and a maximum lifting height of 7.1 m. The further characterising data are a steering angle of 37° which, together with the turning radius of only 3.8 m, for a machine with a wheelbase of 2.95 m, make this a high-performance machine with unique agility and with equally important stability. Available in two versions, the standard one and a lowered “Low Cab”. With only 2.06 m at the highest point of the cab, this version is destined to become the ideal machine in many operational situations. In summary FS 7.32 is a telehandler designed to respond with versatility to the daily needs of off-road handling in all possible sectors of use.


Designing with a focus on the future also meant thinking about reducing environmental impact, lowering consumption and, at the same time, improving performance. There are five engines available for the FS 7.32, all 4-cylinder Deutz from 2.9 to 3.6 dm3, water-cooled with power ratings from 55.4 kW to 100 kW. All comply with Stage V emission regulations with after-treatment technology using oxidation catalyst (DOC) or urea (SCR) and particulate filter (DPF). All the engines are Common rail, turbocharged, with intercoolers to meet the variable power needs linked to specific uses with optimised torque curves for high performance and rapid availability of power with low consumption. In addition, maintenance intervals of up to 1,000 hours result in a significant reduction in operating costs.


An attention to safety there is with the introduction of the "AutoStop", which turns off the engine when the operator gets up from the seat, and then switches it back on again, also autonomously, upon return. Solutions that add fuel savings to the operator's protection. The hydraulic cooling fan automatically adjusts the rotation speed according to the temperature, reversible and electronically controlled, combines perfect temperature regulation with reduced consumption and represents the definitive solution for use in dusty environments. The optimisation process of the spaces under the bonnet has achieved an efficiency of the air flows, also favoured by the new grids. In addition, the new layout of the engine and radiant units guarantees convenient access to all maintenance check points.




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