Zeppelin Rental counts on hybrid Genie boom lifts

Zeppelin Rental has added 40 hybrid Genie Z-60 FE articulated boom lifts to its fleet.

Responding to customer demand for high performance, eco-friendly access solutions that meet increasingly rigorous jobsite emissions and noise regulations, Zeppelin Rental has added 40 hybrid Genie Z-60 FE articulated boom lifts to its fleet. 

Named the ZGT20.11HY by Zeppelin Rental, and offering a maximum working height of 20.16 m (65 ft 7 in), this highly versatile, energy-efficient model offers the advantages of two modes of operation (all-electric or hybrid) that are easily interchangeable by means of a switch. Combining the true 4WD performance of traditional diesel-powered machines, with the quiet, clean efficiency of electric-powered units, operators benefit from a powerful “2-In-1” solution adapted to indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Used in "all-electric” mode, the Genie Z-60 FE boom lift provides a full shift of 100% electric operation on a single battery charge. In ”hybrid” mode, it uses its environment-friendly Stage IIIB/Tier 4F engine-powered generator to maintain the state of charge of the batteries to provide approximately a week‘s runtime on a single tank of diesel, performing extremely efficiently – even in rough terrain conditions. 

"With the addition of these 40 Genie hybrid booms to our fleet, our customers now have a powerful indoor and outdoor solution that complies with today's stricter environmental regulations, at the same time as benefitting from lower operating costs," says Dirk Feyerabend, Head of Purchasing, Zeppelin Rental. "In addition, this model's exceptional versatility makes it an ideal start to finish solution suitable for use on outdoor construction sites on rough terrain, work in busy city centres, or sports stadiums and shopping malls, among a wide field of other applications where low noise and emissions-free operation are key requirements.” He continues: “With these new machines, Zeppelin Rental offers customers a real competitive advantage. Whether they need a quiet, emissions-free solution or a machine adapted to heavy work in challenging conditions, the Genie Z-60 FE boom lift is the optimum solution, even when on-site electricity is not available.

Operators will also appreciate its full-time active oscillating front axle system that increases wheel contact on rough terrain and fully protected AC motors that offer the ability to work up to 1 m (3 ft 3) under water.

Focusing on technology, Genie FE hybrid boom lifts combine an electric motor that also works as a generator when the machine is operated in hybrid mode, as well as a diesel engine. The electric motor/generator feeds the battery and drives a hydraulic pump that powers the machine's lifting movements. With energy efficiency in mind, the battery also powers the units' four AC drive motors that also serve as generators by recuperating energy produced when braking or descending inclines, which charges the battery pack. 

Providing the ability to perform a full workday shift on a single battery charge, as applies to any electric-powered units, the batteries of hybrid Genie booms do need recharging, but much less often than with conventional machines. The reason for this being that, when the unit is operated in hybrid mode, the diesel engine automatically takes over from the battery when the level of charge declines, driving the hydraulic pump directly and recharging the batteries.

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