"King of the Site" reaches every Spot

"King of the Site" reaches every Spot
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The Atlas loader crane 290.2E has an outreach of 21 m - this means that you can reach many spots on a construction site without having to move the truck - it moves more than 600 kg -practice-oriented electronic safety and comfort features - different support possible - well protected, the hydraulic hoses are routed inside the jib.

One look at this powerful silver crane tells you that it can lift and move 620 kg even at a distance of 20.74 m. The Atlas loader crane 290.2E is designed to reach into many areas of a construction

site to supply or dispose of material – fuss-free and without having to move the truck. Eight hydraulic extensions can be moved via radio remote control. This allows lifting and moving loads of up to 4,600 kg at close range, 1,500 kg at medium range, and 620 kg at the longest range of 20.74 m.

The total weight of this version of the 290.2E is 5,310 kg, including oil filling. The hydraulic hoses are routed through the jib to the jib tip – completely inside the extensions of the jib and, therefore, well protected. When retracted, the hoses are rolled in a hose reel. This configuration prevents damage. To provide stability for the machine, the two supports can be extended hydraulically to 7,350 mm via radio remote control. The slewing range is 410°.

Confined spaces are a fact of everyday life on a construction site. In order to master such situations, this Atlas loader crane provides for different extension of the supports – on one side only a short support and a full support on the other. And you can still work with it. The 290.2E's safety electronics (electronic support width control “EAW”) immediately calculates the weight which may be moved at the respective outreach and the driver can see it also on his remote control. That way, he can select the ideal position of his vehicle with regard to the space available. The radio remote control also permits rotating the loading fork, for example, and the driver only needs the small operating lever to control the fork. Without having to take a step in that direction, the driver can lift and move a 620 kg pallet at a distance of 20 m and even use the radio remote control for all operating functions. In case the safety electronic detects an excessive load, it immediately stops the work.

The 290.2E is powerful enough to lift and move up to 4.6 tons. This is made possible by the very

robust Atlas design and use of high-quality steel in crane fabrication. In the field, the robustness

becomes obvious, for example, from the very low deflection behavior. Joints and connections,

including those of the hydraulic hoses, are designed to withstand the most extreme strain. Ultimately, all this means that, with the loader crane 290.2E, you can work fast and efficiently for a long time.

First and foremost, we listen to our customer. Which are the tasks he needs the loader crane for, which loads must be moved how often, are there any requirements with regard to the length of the crane, etc. We collect a lot of data and then prepare a profile of the required loader crane with all technical details. Only when the requirement profile corresponding to the practical reality of the job is available, we make a specific proposal to the customer”, Frank Hartmann, technical operations manager of Luxembourg based Carosserie Comes & Cie. SA, describes the customer-oriented approach of his company. Comes & Cie. was established more than 70 years ago. With almost 50 employees, they offer services in the areas of fabrication, modification, repair and painting of utility vehicles and passenger cars as well as special body work. Quality from planning all the way to fabrication, the highest level of customer satisfaction and service orientation are the pillars of the company. Large and modern workshop halls are equipped with state-of-the-art tools. This and the wide experience of their employees are the best preconditions for quality.



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