Ammann RSS 120-M on display at Bauma 2019

The Amman RSS 120-M is a mobile machine that prepares recycled asphalt for use in an asphalt plant

The Ammann RSS 120-M Shredder, Iron Separator and Screen, is featured at Bauma 2019 in Munich.


The RSS 120-M, to be on display at the Ammann stand, is a mobile machine that prepares recycled asphalt for use in an asphalt plant. It is essentially a 3-in-1 machine with its ability to function as a shredder, iron separator and screen.


The machine is the ideal solution for recycling asphalt that ranges in size from millings to larger pieces/slaps. Protective processing also maintains desired grain sizes.


The Ammann RSS 120-M can go from installation to production in as quickly as 30 minutes. The machine is track-mounted for maximum mobility on all types of terrain.


A single operator can run the machine, which is comprised of a shredder that utilises two low-speed, electrically driven shredder-rotating shafts. The RSS 120-M features milling cutters with interchangeable teeth that crush the material. This patented technology significantly reduces the power requirement, which leads to substantial fuel savings. The technology also enables crushing of hard and soft materials, such as clays, and can perform in all types of weather.


The electric motors ensure consistent crushing and screening, regardless of the working environment. The machine is able to process up to180 tonnes of recycling materials per hour.


A variety of green efforts are built into the machine, including a dust reduction system and minimised sound and emission levels.


The Ammann RSS 120-M has been designed for easy maintenance and improved safety. It also utilises components that make it possible for all shredding and screening parameters to be managed and adjusted remotely. This enables the machine to quickly adapt to the various types of material being processed. 


Routine maintenance is simple, and all parts and components are easily accessible during maintenance or repairs.


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