AsphaltQube by IPC Global

AsphaltQube by IPC Global
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AsphaltQube utilizes IPC Global's unique and innovative Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) Technology, developed to democratize important dynamic SuperPave Performance tests that were previously only available to high-end research laboratories.

With AsphaltQube, you can perform all the most common international asphalt mixture standard tests in one compact, modular, easy to use machine. The innovative design allows for total flexibility to suit each user's unique testing requirements by allowing for individual test modules to be added to the base system separately as their testing requirements increase.

AsphaltQube is available with the following test modules: Four Point Bend, Trapezoidal Two Point Bend, Semi-Circular Bend, Indirect Tensile, Dynamic Modulus, Uniaxial fatigue -Tension Compression/Complex Modulus, Overlay, Compression, Cyclic Compression Triaxial, Small Diameter Dynamic Modulus and Uniaxial Fatigue.

Fully integrated and compact in design, AsphaltQube is the perfect solution for both Static and Mobile Testing facilities. Its small footprint belies its powerful capabilities – AsphaltQube can fit into any laboratory, whether large or small. The system comes available with an environmental chamber enabling testing at controlled temperatures from 0° to 60°C.

EmS technology is environmentally friendly with clean operation, requiring no compressed air or hydraulic power supply. Delivering +/-15kN backlash free force with minimal noise and offering excellent reliability, accurate testing, lower maintenance, the new AsphaltQube is also more economical compared to Servo-pneumatic or Servo-hydraulic Testing Solutions.

Controlling AsphaltQube is IPC Global's Integrated Multi-Axis Control System (IMACS). The tried and tested IMACS delivers leading edge performance, unparalleled control and the ultimate in flexible data acquisition.


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