ATLAS facilitates ergonomic work environment

ATLAS features top-notch operators´ seats in its rail-road excavator models 1604 ZW and 1404 ZW

With immediate effect ATLAS features top-notch operators´ seats in its rail-road excavator models 1604 ZW and 1404 ZW.


The Grammer Actimo Evolution seat is from now on a standard feature of these excavators at no extra charge. The basic thought behind this noteable qualitative improvement in the operator´s cabin was that prevention is better than back problems. For this reason ATLAS engineers integrated this top result of seat development for excavators into the 21 ton excavator model 1604 ZW and the 19 ton model 1404 ZW.


The technical details of the operator´s seat are striking. The armrests are foldable and their height and angle are adjustable. Active seat temperature control inclusive of seat heating assures comfortable work inside the excavator also in the cold and wet season of the year. Pneumatic lumbar support facilitates a feeling of security and personal comfort. Also the seat cushion depth and angle can be adjusted individually. And this is only to name a few functions of the new design.


The seat suspension is, of course, of greatest importance. In this case, the compressor operated pneumatic suspension imparts the impression that the seat is floating in the air. The low-frequency suspension stroke is 70/30 mm. Top highlight is the active weight adjustment for the suspension of the current operator. This means that the suspension adjusts itself again and again to the weight of the respective operator of the excavator. This happens with precision and creates optimal ergonomic conditions for the operator. All this and many more details and functions make sure that work in the ATLAS 1604 ZW and ATLAS 1404 ZW does not turn into a strain for the operator. He is sitting in the best possible work environment on an extremely comfortable and healthy seat. That way continuous work is easy on his back and he does not get tired. This seat is recommended by health insurances for persons with back problems. In the ATLAS models 1604 ZW and 1404 ZW it is integrated as of now.