Big sales success for the little all-rounder MPK06 of Jekko family

Big sales success for the little all-rounder MPK06 of Jekko family

"MPK06 drew the attention of both established and new customers right after the official launch, but we weren't expecting such a big success in recent months", comments Mr. Alberto Franceschini, Jekko Sales Director. "The budget for 2021 was set at 160 units and around 80 machines have already been delivered: 20 units both in France and in Germany, and the remaining ones in the other reference markets, like Central and Norther Europe, Northern and Latin America, Middle East”


Fully electric, with a maximum payload of 600 kg and the possibility of working either with glass manipulator or with hook, MPK06 is extremely versatile and is the ideal equipment for many operations, from glass panes and frames installation or marble handling to the use in pick and carry mode in workshops and industrial maintenance. But that's not all: MPK06 is also very easy to use and it doesn't require any specific training to be operated. 

A small machine, but a great help while working: once you have used it, you will not be able to do without it. 


Following the success of MPK06, Jekko is working on a new minipicker, MPK10: with similar characteristics and strengths to the “smaller brother”, it will lift up to 1 ton. The model will be presented in the following months. 




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