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Controls Group at Bauma 2019


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Controls Group leads the way in the design, manufacture and supply of materials testing equipment for the construction and civil engineering industries with three brands to support all the needs

Controls Group leads the way in the design, manufacture and supply of materials testing equipment for the construction and civil engineering industries with three brands to support all the needs. You can visit it at BAUMA and discover its market-leading range of testing systems specifically tailored to the fields of Concrete and Cement, Rebar, Asphalt, Pavements and Soil Mechanics. 

Established in 1968, Controls supplies a complete range of testing solutions for concrete, cement and structural steel. The systems are expertly designed and manufactured to meet the needs of every laboratory from QC production to complex research. The company also supply the most complete range of soil and roads testing equipment and general laboratory equipment making Controls Group the true one-stop-shop for all the needs. 

On display will be the new Automax Pro 3000 kN compression machine, featuring high stiffness certified EN-compliant testing frame controlled by the excellent automatic power control system for automatic test execution with closed-loop digital feedback. An innovative new approach from Controls allows Automax Pro to be an active and “connected” part of client laboratory infrastructure, including perfect integration with Laboratory Management Systems (LIMS). Now, testing laboratories have the tools to certify test execution, expand their production capacity and increase efficiencies using CERTILAB Local and Enterprise peripheral devices integration packages, and iLab Web Services, which open a whole new ecosystem of connectivity, networkability, traceability, transparency and efficiency options. 

Automax Multitest: the versatile and modular Automatic Computerized Control Console for mechanical strength testing of Concrete, Cement, steel rebar and other materials. Connect up to four testing frames from 15 kN to 5000 kN and start testing. 

The system is supplied complete with the Data Manager software package for standard failure tests including compression, flexural and indirect tensile tests. As your needs grow, upgrade with additional software modules to perform many different tests, from Elastic modulus and Poisson ratio determinations to the demanding Fiber Reinforced Concrete tests. 

IPC Global | The First Choice for ALL Advanced Pavements Systems 

IPC Global offers the widest and most unique range of Advanced Pavements Testing Systems in the industry. The pursuit of continuous innovation, quality and support delivers year-on-year superior testing equipment with pre and post sales service to match. 

Showcased systems include the unique Galileo Research, fully electromechanical asphalt Gyratory Compactor designed with testing accuracy, repeatability, safety and efficiency in mind. All models use closed-loop control and patented Orbital motion to compact specimens with a level of stiffness and angle stability that far exceed the new requirements of AASHTO T312, ASTM D6925, D7115 and EN 12697-31 standards. 

Also on display: 

IMACS2 is the Third Generation Integrated Multi-Axis Control & Data Acquisition System (IMACS): latest dynamic testing machine controller harnesses the latest advances in electronics and employs ingenious hardware and software design to address all your testing needs in terms of performance, accuracy and flexibility. Whether you are performing cutting-edge research on new materials or routine materials quality tests, you can count on its optimum control and test precision. 

UTS Neutron: - Second generation dynamic materials testing & analysis software: companion to IMACS2, UTS Neutron has been developed to provide the ultimate in flexible yet easy materials testing software for all types of users. 

ASPHALTQUBE (a compact and modular EmS Asphalt testing system): The AsphaltQube uses Electromechanical Servoactuation or EmS technology to perform all the most common international asphalt performance tests in one compact, modular, easy-to-use machine purpose-built for dynamic testing of asphalt. Delivering 15 kN with low noise level, its small footprint and affordability means that it’s the perfect solution for both static and mobile QA/QC testing facilities. 

PAVELAB50 (Automatic Closed-System Asphalt Analyzer): Pavelab50 is IPC Global’s automatic Pave Analyzer designed for the separation of bitumen, filler and aggregates from asphalt mixtures by closed-system solvent extraction. Fully compliant with the new ASTM D8159-2018 and EN 12697-1, Pavelab50 Pave Analyzer uses a closed-system automatic solvent washing and extraction process to create a safe, quick, accurate and repeatable process producing results that are always consistent. 

PAV (Pressure Ageing Vessel): PAV is IPC Global’s CE and ASME certified pressure ageing vessel designed to simulate long-term ageing and conditioning of asphalt binders. Its user-friendly software allows the operator to view in real time vessel temperature and pressure on the 6” color touch screen display. 

VDO (Vacuum Degassing Oven): VDO removes air bubbles created during accelerated oxidative ageing of asphalt binder by the PAV as required by most standards. This final conditioning makes the aged binder suitable for further tests such as BBR, DSR, penetration, ductility, softening point and many more. 

PIVOT (Fully Automatic Penetrometer): PIVOT, a fully automatic and compact instrument, uses the latest technologies and programming tools to determine material hardness. The instrument reaches the test start point automatically with vertical movement performed by a high precision stepper motor and measured by a contactless displacement transducer.

Soil mechanics testing equipment 

Understanding soils has never been so easy. For almost 70 years, Wykeham Farrance has been at the forefront of geomechanics and we’re continuing this pioneering tradition with a new market-leading range of affordable, easy-to-use, soil mechanics testing equipment. 

From entry-level to fully automatic PC-controlled systems, our range benefits from the latest technologies with various levels of automatization for commercial and research geotechnical laboratories. 

The following system will be on display

ACE (Advanced Computerized Oedometer) EmS is a versatile and fully automatic Oedometer soil consolidation testing system with low maintenance, efficient and environmentally friendly EmS technology. It automatically performs consolidation tests, reducing the risk of human error and connect up to 60 units using ingenious software. ACE also performs UC (Unconfined Compression) and CRS (Constant Rate of Strain) tests.

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