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Dynapac F1250CS Compact Paver & RC360 Remote


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The Dynapac F1250CS Compact Paver with its best-in-class screed quality and optional RC360 Remote ensures that every surface get the desired results safely, economically, and with maximum operational comfort.

Paving in urban areas comes with its own set of challenges and demands on machinery: tight spaces, weight limits, underground pipes, and old, exposed materials such as cobblestones require well-thought-out and innovative solutions. The Dynapac F1250CS Compact Paver with its best-in-class screed quality and optional RC360 Remote ensures that every surface from walkways and bike paths, to underground garages and alleys, get the desired results safely, economically, and with maximum operational comfort.


The need for compact pavers that can perform a multitude of urban applications and jobs has continued to grow. With the F1250CS and remote-control Dynapac is filling this fast-moving market. Small, yet powerful, this Dynapac paver is ideal for areas where high-quality results between 0.5 up to 3.5m are needed. Aside from being robust, flexible, and equipped with the future-ready technology today’s paving jobs require, the F1250CS also comes with exceptional screed quality that ensures perfect mat quality even when job sites have complex or challenging requirements. When paired with the unique remote-control RC 360, operators can position themselves wherever they want and enjoy new freedom, mobility, and safety without being tied to dashboard controls.


The F1250CS is made even more exceptional due to its high-end screed that is available in both gas- and electrically-heated versions. This offer is unique in the market and provides both operators and planners with greater flexibility and onsite results. The compact and powerful V2400 has the same quality and performance as its larger "brothers" and comes with a handy extension box for greater widths. Its robust tamper and vibratory plate ensure ideal compaction while reducing the number of roller paths. The high-performance screed, combined with the compact vehicle dimensions and generous material handling system makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. As an added benefit, the Dynapac F1250CS can pave below zero, thus increasing refurbishment job efficiency, since the paver can drive out of the milling cut, allowing the screed to pave a smooth finish. Thanks to the multiple adjustments, like the angle of attack and the deep bottom plates, the screed delivers an excellent pre-compaction and a smooth surface, even with thick layers. The quick coupling means setup and operation are always easy and ready to go.


With the addition of the RC360 Remote, the F1250CS is given an even greater performance spectrum that opens up new opportunities in paver operation, especially in tight spaces. By using the remote, the operator can control the paver from a point that offers the lowest asphalt fumes while providing maximum visibility and results. The remote also comes with a case and charging devices with a mechanical connector for external supply. Its adjustable shoulder straps have been ergonomically designed for more wearing comfort during the entire workday. Ensuring the highest safety level during remote operations is paramount in any job, which is why when the operator exceeds 10m away from the paver it automatically stops. The paver also automatically stops when the remote is tilted higher than a 45° angle. The remote function comes with the added safety feature of distancing the operator from fumes while fulfilling local regulations.


The lean dashboard is intuitive and self-explanatory with toggle switches and colored display, making it ideal for changing crews to understand and operate. The entire platform can be folded up for transport or paving situations close to a wall, which saves both handling and time. The convenient backrest offers additional comfort and comes with a lockable storage compartment for personal items. Thanks to the ergonomic side shields, their height, and angle are adjustable with only one crank. The crank is placed on top of the side shield creating a comfortable, central, and safe workplace for the screed operator. The F120CS also comes with a USB, 24V/DC and a 230V/AC socket to fulfill everyday needs on the job site. The F1250C comes with the very latest in efficient and emission-reducing diesel motor technology. A 4 cylinder 54 kW Deutz engine is also available as T3/Stage III and T4/Stage V to meet emissions requirements in the various markets.

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