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First Europe-built Grove GRT8120 rough-terrain crane


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• The Grove GRT8120 rough-terrain crane is now the biggest rough-terrain crane built at Manitowoc’s Italian factory and the largest mobile crane built anywhere in the country.

The stature of Manitowoc’s Italian factory continues to grow, and at this year’s bauma 2022 the Company highlighted the latest rough-terrain crane to be produced at the facility: the Grove GRT8120. Also on display from the factory in Niella Tanaro was the popular Grove GRT655L with a newly-repowered engine.


The 120 t-capacity GRT8120 was launched in 2020 and includes an impressive 60 m main boom, which would usually only be seen in cranes from 135 - 150 t capacity. Customers also love its compact carrier, more typical of a smaller 70-90 t crane. This winning combination makes the crane ideal for European production and the new flagship joins the seven other 30 – 100 t models manufactured at the Niella Tanaro facility. Building the GRT8120 in Italy means the crane automatically qualifies for a EUR1 movement certificate, which eliminates import duties for customers in the EU and other countries in the EUR1 trade agreement, such as Algeria, Tunisia, and South Africa.


Niella Tanaro supplies Grove rough-terrain cranes to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, decreasing freight costs for customers and ensuring faster availability. Just 70 km from the business hub of Turin and less than 50 km from the ports of Genoa and Savona, the plant is especially well positioned for the efficient shipping of fully-assembled cranes. The models produced at the factory offer the same specifications as those built in the U.S.


Grove RT cranes have a strong following in Europe and other markets due to their reliability and versatility, so we are excited to add the GRT8120 as a flagship to our Niella Tanaro facility,” said Federico Lovera, product manager for rough-terrain, industrial, and lattice boom crawler cranes at Manitowoc. “Not only is it the largest RT crane on two axles, with the longest boom in its class and unbeatable load charts, but it is also the largest mobile crane manufactured anywhere in Italy. The first model was built this July and the first deliveries will begin in Q4 of 2022.”


Customers can equip the GRT8120 with the MAXbase asymmetrical outrigger system and wireless rigging remote to provide optimum versatility during setup. Complementing its lightweight, compact carrier, and long boom, MAXbase makes the crane ideal for congested job sites that require maximum reach. The crane is a popular choice for road, bridge, and rail infrastructure projects; as well as at oil and gas refineries, power plants, and shipyards. 


Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS) plus Boom Configurator mode are included, simplifying telescoping and providing on-board lift planning. A seven-section MEGAFORM boom with TWIN-LOCK boom-pinning system can reach a maximum height of 80.8 m when paired with the 17.6 m bi-fold swingaway extension. This is available in either manual or hydraulic configurations, providing up to 45° offset for better jobsite versatility thanks to enhanced reach over obstacles.




The other Italy-built Grove rough-terrain crane at bauma was the popular GRT655L. This long-boom crane (along with the regular GRT655) now features a new 122 kW Cummins QSB 6.7L engine to comply with Euromot5 EU legislation. The 6-cylinder unit offers reduced fuel consumption and, in comparison with its Tier 4F predecessor, up to 31% higher torque at lower RPM, plus an extra 5% more power for efficient, economical use. Complexity is reduced thanks to a single after-treatment module, and the engine is also Euromot5 Spark Arrestor Certified, an added benefit for customers working in refineries. 


Like the GRT8120, the GRT655L offers an ECO mode as part of the CCS, increasing fuel efficiency by up to 30% through intelligent power management and reducing wear on the powertrain and hydraulic systems.  The result is exceptional return on investment for owners, delivered through high productivity from a low total cost of ownership. 


The superb reliability of the GRT655L and GRT655 made them an immediate hit when they launched a few years ago,” Lovera continued. “These latest modifications not only make them even more efficient to run but further enhance the level of trust our customers place in our machines. We have so much confidence in these cranes that, like all our GRT models, they have a two-year standard warranty.


Both the GRT655L and GRT655 have a 60 t capacity, with the GRT655L offering a 43 m main boom and the GRT655 a 34.8 m main boom. 

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