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Free access to off-highway software


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Bosch Rexroth opens up mobile electronics software to all manufacturers and partners.

Bosch Rexroth offers manufacturers of off-highway machines free access to the entire standard portfolio of BODAS software for controlling mobile machines. Via the digital myBODAS platform, OEMs can download validated software packages for a range of applications free of charge in order to test them and adapt them to suit their own requirements. Proven modules minimize the time, investment risks and costs involved. The service is only billed via a payment model based on credits if the software is used during series production. This makes it easy to use, flexible and transparent.


Whether it be hydraulic control, automation, connectivity or electrification – software plays a central role in the highly dynamic off-highway market. In order to achieve success with their mobile machines, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must reduce the development time in a cost-effective manner while reducing functional and financial risks.


Following registration and confirmation of the terms and conditions of use, the individual modules in the proven BODAS application software (AS) such as the eDA for the drivetrain are then available. The modules are developed in accordance with current standards and already meet functional safety requirements. As a result, Bosch Rexroth helps manufacturers of any size to cope with increasing complexity in vehicle development, to compensate for a lack of know-how or resources and to update or expand their offering more quickly. This way, the OEMs’ software developers can concentrate on selected customer values and speed up the launch of new functions and machines. They can also scale their own offering more quickly with software modules validated for Rexroth hardware.


With three product lines – ASrun, ASopen and ASlib – the open ecosystem for BODAS application software (AS) is geared to application specialists, software developers and system experts. At the same time, free access to the myBODAS platform provides the technical basis for a modern form of digital collaboration with agile development processes but without the investment hurdles at the beginning of development.


Only when the software is used in series production is billing carried out via a payment model based on credits. These are available in pre-defined packages for Rexroth control units, making them much easier to use and increasing flexibility. As a result, the OEM only pays for what they actually need for series operation.


The open ecosystem is being expanded all the time with standardized, extensively documented modules. myBODAS thus offers a toolkit for various control tasks involving mobile machines which is always up to date. The growing need for automation solutions and the rapidly increasing number of assistance functions such as payload estimation, position sensing or surround sensing also make the system an attractive proposition.

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