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Hidromek remotely controls a machine in Türkiye from Smopyc fair


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Hidromek attends Smopyc 2023 Fair in Zaragoza with its innovative machines.

Displaying machines from backhoe loader, wheel and crawler excavator, motor grader and wheel loader product groups, Hidromek will join Smopyc 2023 at Pabellón 8, H 16-18.


Hidromek, a globally known manufacturer of construction machinery, is celebrating its 45th foundation anniversary. Hidromek produces backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders and soil compactors are manufactured in six production facilities including four factories in Ankara, one factory in İzmir and one factory in Thailand. Hidromek is also producing main components such as axles, reduction gears and hydraulic cylinders in its Component Factory.


Today, Hidromek has machines work in more than 100 countries on 6 continents. Hidromek performs the management of international authorized dealers and provides sales and after sales services through international offices as in Hidromek West in Barcelona, Spain, Hidromek Rus in Krasnodar, Russia and Hidromek Japan in Sagamihara, Japan. Established in 2007, Hidromek West covers Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Hidromek has 21 dealers in Spain, 12 dealers in France, 1 dealer in Portugal, 10 dealers in Italy and 15 dealers in Germany. Hidromek West provides strong and fast aftersales services thanks to its large spare part warehouse and strong dealer network.


In Smopyc 2021, 926 companies from 29 countries exhibited and more than 52,000 professionals from 36 countries visited the exhibition. This year, Hidromek exhibits HMK 62 T mini crawler backhoe loader, HMK 102 B Supra (K4 Series) and HMK 102 S backhoe loaders, HMK 150 WR, HMK 210 W wheel excavators, HMK 65 ZT midi excavator, HMK 140 LC, HMK 145 LC SR, HMK 230 NLC, HMK 310 NLC, HMK 390 NLC HD, HMK 520 LC HD crawler excavators, HMK 635 WL wheel loader, HMK 600 MG motor grader as well as Hidromek Opera Cabin.


Stoian Markov, General Manager of Hidromek West, underlined the importance the exhibition and said: “Smopyc Fair is one of the leading organizations of the industry in Southern Europe. We have the opportunity to display our latest technologies as well as get together with the industry, our existing dealers and potential ones. Like previous years, we are participating to the Smopyc Fair with a large machine group and also including our new K4 Series backhoe loader, HMK 520 LC HD crawler excavator – which the chassis can be narrowed while shipping- and Hidromek Opera – with which our visitors would enjoy controlling remotely a machine in our facilities in Ankara". 

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