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Komatsu Europe introduces new PC1250‐11 excavator


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Komatsu Europe International N.V. announces the launch of the new PC1250‐11, a large hydraulic excavator with improved production levels and safety features.

Komatsu Europe International N.V. announces the launch of the new PC1250‐11, a large hydraulic excavator with improved production levels and safety features.

Its powerful and economical Komatsu engine, exempt from current EU emission regulations, integrates Komatsu’s latest fuel saving technology. The PC1250‐11 has operating weights ranging from 115,9 tonnes to 118,3 tonnes. A Komatsu SAA6D170E‐7 engine provides 578 kW / 775 HP @ 1.800 rpm. Exempt from current EU emission regulations, but EU Stage V ready, it features two diesel particulate filters (DPF), with no need for a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. “Komatsu has redefined industry standards with this new excavator” says Jo Monsieur, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. “It not only combines great performance with excellent comfort, but also ensures that work can be performed safely, thanks to an impressive array of standard safety features”.

The latest KOMTRAX and KOMTRAX Plus telematics, and the Komatsu CARE maintenance program, offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

Workability & Reliability

Work modes include the well‐known Power and Economy modes, and the PC1250‐11 also benefits from the new “Power plus” (P+) mode, which allows the operator to make full use of the increased engine power to achieve up to 8% higher production than with a PC1250‐8 in P mode. The Heavy lift and Swing Priority functions are still available, as on the previous model.

A two‐mode setting for the boom lets the operator choose between smooth operation for gathering material, and maximum power for more effective excavating. The shockless boom control makes operations smoother, and reduces both stress on the machine and operator fatigue.

Thanks to a large cross‐sectional structure using high tensile steel with thick plate and partition walls, the boom and arm are long‐lasting and resistant to bending and torsional stress. The undercarriage is strengthened, for excellent reliability and durability when working on rocky ground. Sturdy guards shield the travel motors and piping against damage.

Safety First

The PC1250‐11 raises the bar when it comes to standard safety equipment. The operator's cab conforms to OPG top guard level 2 (ISO 10262) for falling objects. It has a high shock‐absorption capability, excellent impact resistance and an increased sound absorbing capability. Derived from mining excavators, a new hydraulically‐operated 45° retractable stairway enables safe access to the machine. A standard “auto lock” function automatically interrupts all machine hydraulic functions if the stairway is not fully retracted.

The Neutral Detection System will also activate the hydraulic “auto lock” if the work equipment control levers are not in the neutral position when the hydraulic lock lever is released. The “auto‐lock” status is clearly displayed and easily reset on the monitor panel. Three emergency stop switches are provided, the first directly in the operator's cab. The two others can be quickly accessed from ground level, one on the right deck near the fuel fill connection, and the other on the left catwalk, next to the hydraulic stairway.

For improved safety, KomVision is standard: 4 networked high definition cameras create a real‐time bird’s‐eye view on the machine monitor, to eliminate the blind spots on the rear and sides of the machine.

First class comfort and easy maintenance

The Komatsu PC1250‐11 features industry‐leading comfort levels and easy maintenance. The low vibration cab, highly rigid with a damper mounting system and excellent noise absorption ability, is wider than on a middle‐sized excavator. It includes a high back air‐suspension heated seat with a reclining backrest: height and inclination are easily adjusted with a simple lever. The operational position of the armrest and console can also be customized. The cabin is pressurised and the highcapacity air conditioner is standard.

The interface of the large high resolution Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor was redesigned for quick and easy reading of necessary information. On the display, ECO guidance shows the status of the machine in real time. With a single touch, its menu enables you to check records for operation and Eco Guidance, as well as fuel consumption history, enabling total fuel usage to be reduced. A walkway provides easy access to inspection and maintenance points, which are grouped to facilitate engine and hydraulic component checks. A reversible fan helps easy radiator cleaning, an optional fast refuelling port on the right front deck can be accessed from ground level, and a standard battery disconnect switch allows a technician to interrupt the power supply before servicing the machine.

KOMTRAX Plus enables expanded monitoring of the fleet via satellite and wireless LAN. Users can analyse machine health and performance from a remote location. This includes component condition and trend data. By making this critical information readily accessible, KOMTRAX Plus is an effective tool to maximise productivity and lower operating costs.

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