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Liebherr presents new compact loader series with the new L 504 compact model


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Liebherr’s L 506 and L 508 compact loaders feature numerous innovations

The new compact loader series comprises three models which have been optimally coordinated with one another. The new L 504 compact joins the company’s wheel loader range. Liebherr’s smallest wheel loader embodies the qualities of the larger Liebherr wheel loaders while also being an excellent value for the money. With numerous new features, the L 506 compact has consolidated its already strong position in the market. As is the case for the L 504, the machine height of the L 506 remains under 2.5 metres, making it easy to transport on a trailer. The new L 508 compact has become larger and wider than both of the other Liebherr compact loaders. Its powerful travel drive and high tipping load have received praise from customers.


The new compact loaders have robust lift arms with z-bar kinematics, which facilitates the use of a wide variety of attachments. Liebherr has optimised the parallel guidance for safe and precise operation when working with forks. This is critical, for instance, when transporting palettes with paving stones or decking tiles in garden and landscaping applications. To increase versatility even more, Liebherr offers High Lift lift arms for the L 506 and L 508 models on request. This is an extended version of the lift arms with a greater reach. This enables the compact loaders to also load taller transport vehicles.


Wheel loaders are confronted with a myriad of challenges when used in municipal services: Transporting materials with various buckets or forks, excavating with a 4 in 1 bucket, cleaning work with a sweeper, or winter services with a snow plough are just some examples of this. To ensure the mastery of this wide variety of applications, Liebherr offers its fully automatic quick coupler system LIKUFIX for the three compact loaders. LIKUFIX allows the machine operator to change between mechanical and hydraulic working tools from the cab within seconds at the touch of a button. This saves time and reduces the risk of accidents as the operator doesn't have to leave the cab when changing the equipment.


Well thought-out solutions can also be found in the redesigned cab, which can be entered via a sturdy, reinforced step. Of particular note, Liebherr has increased the amount of glass throughout the cab. The windscreen now even reaches into the foot area of the operator's cab. This ensures better visibility in all directions, particularly of the attachment and in the articulation area. The rear screen is curved on the sides, enabling an unobstructed view of the rear area. The new compact loaders can be equipped with a backup camera on request, for even more safety when reversing.

Numerous details, such as the clearly-arranged control elements or the practical storage areas, increase comfort in the operator's cab. With the proven Liebherr control lever, the machine operator can operate the lift arms and the attachment safely. This also applies to the optional mini joystick on the control lever, which is used to control additional hydraulic functions. Optionally available is an infinitely-adjustable steering column; the display, standard on all machines, is also adjustable and located on the A pillar in the cab. These measures ensure simple and intuitive operation of the compact loader, which plays an important role, especially, for example, for rental construction machines.

Liebherr’s new compact loaders feature a modern and functional design. The engine bonnet has a dynamic and clean design, with great visibility from the cab. The lift arms have a tapered design, which optimises the view of the attachment and the material. The compact design with a low centre of gravity ensures optimum weight distribution on the new compact loaders. The result is high stability and safe, comfortable operation, day in and day out.

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