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Magni TH at the service of Italmontaggi


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Italmontaggi chooses Magni for the construction of a new structure in the port of Palermo Italmontaggi Società Cooperativa has once again decided to rely on Magni TH equipment for the construction of an imposing metal structure in the port of Palermo.

Italmontaggi Società Cooperativa, mechanical engineering company from Mussomeli, Caltanissetta, has started the construction of a metal structure in the port of Palermo. Works will last about three months and will further expand the built-up area of the harbour.


Specialising in the erection of metal and wooden structures, the company decided to once again rely on Magni equipment and chose the same models they had already rented several times in the past. After obtaining the contract, the Sicilian company turned to local rental company Genovese Umberto to obtain the equipment needed to complete the job. With over 60 years’ experience, Genovese Umberto Srl is a company based in Syracuse which operates both in Italy and abroad and specialising in the rental and sale of equipment, machinery and spare parts for a wide range of sectors. They have a short and long-term rental fleet of construction equipment consisting of around 250 machines. Within their ranks they have several Magni telehandlers and aerial platforms.


The RTH 6.30 is the absolute star of this new site in the port of Palermo, with its 30-metre lifting height and 6 ton capacity. Equipped with 6 ton forks and winch, this model is used to lift, handle and position  steel beams in the designated spots within the structure. In addition to being precise in movement despite the heavy loads handled, Italmontaggi chose this RTH model for its great versatility. In fact, Magni machines can fulfil several tasks by simply changing the attachment. This process is extremely simple and fast thanks to the RFID system that recognises the attachment equipped and shows the relevant load chart on the display.


To support the RTH 6.30, Italmontaggi chose the ES1212E scissor lift, which is used by the operators to work at height in complete safety to secure the beams once they have been positioned on the structure. This electric model has a working height of 12 metres and a capacity of 320 kg, and is type approved to carry two persons. The platform was selected for its compact size and manoeuvrability, even though narrow spaces. Extremely useful in this type of work, it is equipped as standard with a hydraulic multi-position slide-out extension deck on the front. This feature allows to carry more materials and tools when required.


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