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Meiller tipping semi-trailers: Operation in the quarry


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Bärnreuther & Deuerlein Schotterwerke remove up to two million tonnes of crushed stone annually in all grit sizes at seven different locations.

Bärnreuther & Deuerlein Schotterwerke, two family businesses which merged a few years ago and are managed in the fourth generation, remove up to two million tonnes of crushed stone annually in all grit sizes at seven different locations. They supply road construction, building construction, civil engineering and both asphalt and concrete mixing plants with their own fleet of 90 trucks.

All of this was under the Jurassic Sea millions of years ago, but what has remained is Jurassic limestone, the core product of the company. Crushed stone in all grit sizes from coarse frost protection to extremely fine grit is produced in limestone and dolomite rock quarries. Production is mainly just-in-time, with the product being delivered directly to the customer through shuttle transports, including in part night or weekend transports if major roads are being repaired. Efficiency is, consequently, an important issue if larger volumes need to be transported. “The Meiller payload is a major advantage, especially when transporting bulk materials to concrete and asphalt mixing plants”, emphasises Managing Director Anna Bärnreuther.


The company fleet that Anna Bärnreuther manages consists of 90 trucks; 40 of these have a Meiller tipping semi-trailer or Meiller superstructure. Halfpipe tipper bodies with thermal insulation are primarily employed for transporting asphalt. Aluminium box bodies are used to transport bulk material to concrete and asphalt mixing plants. Steel halfpipe bodies are the all-round solution for transporting excavated material and crushed stone. The tipping superstructures are mounted on 3 and 4-axle vehicles. The company fleet that Anna Bärnreuther manages is state of the art. The vehicles are in first-class condition, despite the tough demands, dust and crushed stone they are exposed to. “If our customers are to be reliably supplied, it’s important that the vehicles are kept running and repairs are as infrequent as possible. This is why we’re so impressed with the quality Meiller provides, the robustness and the long service life”.

Andrea Tyrolt is one of those who experiences the advantages of the high Meiller tipper payload every day at the wheel. She and her Meiller tipping semi-trailer are a well-coordinated team. Andrea transports crushed stone, gravel, crushed sand and old asphalt, and her tipping semi-trailer can accommodate loads of up to 28 tonnes. “That means up to 3 tonnes more than some others”, she says with pride. And what else does she appreciate about her Meiller? “The advantage of Meiller tippers is that you can create a level load with absolute ease. You really don’t notice anything. This contrasts with others which sometimes jolt and weave. It really gives you a quiet ride”.


Anna Bärnreuther primarily assesses the vehicles in terms of efficiency. She wastes no time in replying where costs are concerned. “We think the Meiller price-performance ratio is absolutely fine. And it’s important that we can rely on the vehicles during operation, and that spare parts are available at short notice in the event of repairs. Whether we’re considering sales, delivery or service quality – you can rely on Meiller!”.


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