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Merlo: the new E-Worker electric range


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New telescopic handlers for agricultural, construction and industrial applications

The 2019 was a historic year for the Merlo Group, not only because they celebrated the 55th anniversary of the current plant. 

It was a record year with a 7% increase in turnover and an almost 50% in the five-year period and with the record number of 7000 machines sold. The Italian market for the Group marked an important growth, exceeding the 1000 telescopic handlers sold and strengthening the national leadership with over 40% of the market share.

The growth also affected foreign markets with record numbers for the main European markets such as France (with record sales) and Germany (with record sales and the confirmation of its market leadership).

2020 will be an year of further development and investment, that will lead the Group to a further growth in terms of production, reliability and technology and which will prepare Merlo to celebrate at best of the 110th anniversary that will fall in 2021.

2020 opens big with an important award, the SaMoTer Innovation Award, for the latest range of products launched by the Merlo Group: the E-Worker

The ability to handle material safely and with maximum ease of use has always distinguished Merlo telescopic handlers in agricultural, construction and industrial applications, without differences.

The continuous search for specific innovative solutions and technologies, in order to satisfy the needs of customers, has led Merlo SpA to the creation of an exclusive range of telescopic handlers with small dimensions and respectful of the environment as they are 100% powered by electric batteries. 

These machines are designed to completely reduce noise levels and polluting emissions, increase manoeuvrability in confined spaces and drastically reduce operating costs compared to similar models equipped with heat engines powered by diesel fuel. An advanced software, developed by Merlo Group, allows monitoring the status of the batteries and optimising their use, reaching an average consumption of the machine of 6 kW/h, thus ensuring a working autonomy of 8 hours!

Thanks to these unique features, the new range is the ideal tool for applications in closed environments such as stables, warehouses, material sheds, factories and underground facilities and ensures operation and traction even in off-road situations to meet the needs of municipalities, agriculture, construction and landfills.

The range consists of two models for a total of two versions: E-Worker 25.5-60 and E-Worker 25.5-90 

The six winning points:

1-Safety without compromise, the E-Worker combines extreme compactness with safety guaranteed by a traditional telehandler.

2- Power, impossible to stop, this innovative range offers superior traction even in off-road situations, overcoming slopes of over 40%.

3- Comfort, the best workplace thanks to the easy access and the generous size of the cabin with 785mm of maximum width and record-breaking visibility.

4- Maneuverability, agile in every situation thanks to the exceptional steering angle of the rear axle and the reduced dimensions, in addition the load remains always within the size of the machine.

5- Versatility, fully compatible, the Merlo - ZM1 interface allows compatibility with the wide choice of Merlo equipment. It’s available also with towing homologation up to 6,000kg. 

6- Efficiency, even greener, 100% electric managed machine. The battery pack is able to power the hydraulic pump for the movements of the arm and the electric motors for traction and movement of the machine.

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