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PM: 62 years of mechanical precision


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PM, the Italian producer of hydraulic cranes mounted on trucks, celebrated this very important anniversary this year.

PM presented during the most recent trade fairs one of the best seller unit, the PM 100SP, a masterpiece of engineering, with vertical reach up to 36 mt, with electronic control of dynamics loads, available with any option market can ask. PM 100PM is mounted on Iveco 4 axle truck. The segment of the superheavy cranes is representing today almost 30% of total PM turnover and the trend of the mix is moving to bigger units, with every day more customer appreciating this type of unit from PM.


Another crane that PM presented is the PM 23.5SP, one of the best performance crane in its class. This specific unit has been sold to the Italian utility giant, Terna. PM is preferred supplier of any utility company in Italy. PM 23.5 SP can reach up to 27 mt vertical and it is the ideal unit we can mount on a 2 axle, 18 ton GVW truck. PM is well known in this mid-range cranes, that today represent 35% of its total business.


Visitors had the opportunity to admire the 40,5 SP, a continuous slewing unit that can reach almost 30mt vertical, ideal crane for general delivery, to be mounted on 3 axle trucks and up. PM 40.5SP is ambassador of the platinum range, characterized by the most sophisticated features available in the market, 360 continuous slewing, double link, fully proportional valve block, radio remote, etc. This type of crane is becoming extremely popular in very demanding markets. In this segment PM is one of the market leaders.


Last but not least, PM presented the 9,5 SP crane, that represents the gold family cranes. This small crane can be mounted on a 6,5-ton 2 axle truck and up, can reach up to 19 mt vertical. PM9,5 SP is a fully equipped unit, with digital valve block, radio, proportional valve, link system ideal for general delivery, usable on trucks of limited capacity. With this crane we want to show a complete and efficient unit, with reduced dimensions.


Today the numbers and size of PM are extremely relevant. Currently, the product range counts more than 50 series, with over 350 possible configurations. From the design to the construction of the steel structures, from the quality control of the materials to the final testing, everything is carried out at the two PM plants, with a total surface area of 130,000 square meters, of which 62,000 square meters indoor, one in San Cesario S / P (MO) and the other one in Arad (Romania). In addition, PM has nearly 200 employees, with production facilities located in Europe, direct sales branches in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Singapore. In addition to its own branches, the direct contact with customers is held by a network of over 300 dealers, partners, and customer service centers.


Mission and values Commitment, responsibility, and customer orientation are the values that have always characterized PM and guide every choice, every new project and investment that make PM a reliable partner. In 62 years of activities, PM has always focused on technological research, product innovation, and a service level that is up to the most stringent quality standards. These are the reasons its cranes are sold in over 100 countries in the world.

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