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Sany shows how modern construction machinery technology simply “moves more”


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Sany will introduce the first electric driven excavator and announce the extension to the portfolio by wheel loader and add telehandler.

The demand of machines with low emissions is steadily increasing. That is one of the results that were figured out by European product-management which Sany installed in Europe. The answer calls SY19E. 


The machine of the 2t class – as a Canopy version – follows all these demands, and the growing requirements of cities and municipalities who face the target of reducing the pollution by exchange of their machinery. Also, operators’ comfort is becoming more and more of a focus for the choice of new machines. The reduction of noise – by exchange of the engine – will help to reduce fatigue and prevent any negative long-term illnesses.

Another important aspect with the machine is, that the operator does not need to learn a new machine. All that changes for the operator is the noise – and the process of “refuelling”. Beside the increase of comfort for the operator, there are more advantages when it comes to the economic side of the machine. Regarding the costs, the interchange of the diesel-engine to an electromotor decreases the costs for service and maintenance dramatically. So, the owner will save money whilst operating this machine. From a general perspective, this project is part of SANY’s contribution to the zero-emission application, which has been proven already by an electrical driven reach-stacker and the hydrogen powered truck in China.


Sany introduced their compact-wheel-loader program in 2020 with an OEM product. Now they extend the portfolio with big wheel-loaders directly as a real SANY product, which is designed and built in Kunshan, China. The machine has the same genetic like all the other SANY products: excellent manufactured, built with well-known key-components and fully equipped as standard. The SW305 with a 2.3m³ bucket capacity and an operational weight of 14,5t will get a big brother with 18t and 3m³ bucket capacity (SW405).


Sany’s introduction of telehandlers started in North America has become a well-established brand. As the demand for telehandlers has grown, Sany has been developing an individual European range, to launch in 2022. The STH1440 and STH1840 are the first models of the new range, all equipped with well-known European primary components that are supported throughout the industry. Equipped with a cabin designed and engineered in Europe. The STH1440 has a 14-meter lift height and STH1840 has a lift height just under 18 meters. Both with a rated capacity of 4t and powered by a Stage V 55kW engine.


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