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Socage will join Vertical Days 2019


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On 15th-16th May, Socage will be present at the Vertikal Days 2019.

On 15th-16th May, Socage will be present at the Vertikal Days 2019.

According to the last event of Donington Park, Socage worked really hard in the British market concluding a distribution agreement with UE-Access. During the Vertikal Days 2019 the 20D and the 21DJ will be showed, the first two platforms delivered to dealer UE-Access.

The 20D is the most successful aerial platform of Socage, it is very simple to use, with a stabilization between the mirrors that can have an outreach of 9 m. It is a platform very light, with electric commands, it can be equipped with automatic closing of the aerial part, automatic stabilization from the basket or from the ground and with the Socage connection.

The 21DJ is a double articulated aerial platform with jib and chassis ME+H, extendable crossbars in the front and fixed in the back. It has electric commands, an outreach of 10 m and it can be equipped with the Socage connection for a remote check of the platform.



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