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The new CIFA K56L truck pump


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The best-seller K55L evolves to become the K56L, even more robust, even easier to utilise and maintain.

CIFA presents a new model in the range of truck pumps: K56L. By connecting to the website www.cifa.com as of 10th May, you can preview the new 56-metre pump, an evolution of the 55-metre K55L model, a real CIFA best-seller. 


The K56L is a concentrate of smart solutions for bettering ease-of-use, robustness yet also lightness. CIFA sought to exceed the great reliability of the 55-metre model that is now the industry standard, introducing an even sturdier and easy-to-maintain model, whilst keeping the equipment’s Total Cost of Ownership down. This is all so that the customer may have a reliable, high-performance pump with low operating costs.

Marco Polastri – CIFA’s Director of Sales, Aftersales and Marketing – shares, “This product is part of the optimisation project for the Steeltech range, with the aim of having key models capable of covering a broad range of needs, maximising the sharing of parts and components between them. For us, it is important to provide companies with high-performance and especially easy-to-use and maintain machinery. A common problem for many manufacturers is the difficulty of finding specialised operators, so for them to be able to count on intuitive and easy-to-maintain machinery is certainly an advantage, also in economic terms. Indeed, our machinery comes as the fruit of our capacity to put ourselves in the user’s shoes.”

The K56L pump is the heavy-duty and versatile machine par excellence, the first choice for working on large-scale construction sites. Available with three different pumping units (the open-circuit HP1606H plus the closed-circuit HP1608EC and HP1808ECX), it can be fitted on a classic 10x4 truck (for the European market) or an 8x4, common in markets with less stringent regulations.


The Steeltech K56L is equipped with a five-section boom with RZ configuration. This solution is ideal for fully exploiting all 55.1 metres of the full vertical extension – without complicating handling during the positioning phase. In addition to the piping being external for easy maintenance, the new turret ensures the boom closes more compactly, so as not to protrude beyond the pumping unit or above the cabin.


The stabilisation system is X-shaped, just like the K55L model, yet is now even more simplified and efficient. To wit, the front outriggers have a dual extension, which reduces the opening times and the encumbrance on the ground. The rear outriggers, rather, are longer and more robust. What’s more, the swing-out rear outriggers house the two plastic tanks (600 litres) for water and diesel. The revised and simplified design combined with smart electronic systems reduce positioning times whilst ensuring the utmost safety during operation, improving performance in turn.


The K56L’s chassis is shared with the better-known, tried-and-tested K60H, characterised by a sturdy sub-turret that also houses the new oil tank that is even easier to access for any maintenance. The balanced structure is optimised in respect of the 10-tonne maximum load on the rear axles.


The K56L exploits its full power thanks to intuitive and efficient electronic management. A plethora of integrated systems help with recurring operations and render on-site operations easier and safer. Intelligent control of the truck pump is through the Smartronic system. In particular, certain advanced stability and boom pump management functions, such as ASC and MBE, are of great help to the operator, where: ASC (Advanced Stability Control) enables you to get the most out of the machine (the system is intelligent and maximises the working area based on the actual opening of the outriggers; whenever there is a risk of stability being compromised, it springs into action, firstly by slowing down the boom’s movement or even stopping it before it reaches a critical condition); MBE (Max Boom Extension) is a predictive system that gives the operator the maximum distance that can be reached with the boom in case of partial opening of the outriggers (when the operator reaches the worksite, even before unfolding the boom, they can see on the machine’s display the actual maximum unfolding that can be reached safely – so, saving time is guaranteed; additionally, the Smartronic® Advanced package includes the Automatic Boom Folding and Unfolding function for self-executing the sequence; the system replaces the operator with an automated and perfectly-calibrated sequence that speeds up operations whilst preventing any manoeuvring errors).


The optional CIFA Vista is a powerful ally in managing and monitoring the company fleet, hence why the new K56L can also be equipped with CIFA Vista telemetry, capable of geolocating the vehicle, handling maintenance and above all, recording performance, consumption and error messages.

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