Sireg presents the new ITS (Injection Tube Syste)

Sireg presents the new ITS (Injection Tube Syste) - Sireg - Onsite news.


Since 1936, the companies of the Sireg Group have been manufacturing specialized products, adapting to the markets' requests and technological changes:  Sireg Geotech focuses on products in thermoplastic, thermosetting and composite materials for soil consolidation in the context of tunnel excavation, and for reinforcement and restoration of infrastructure, damaged civil constructions and historic buildings. The company today is a worldwide reference for designers and developers, both public and private, in the field of infrastructure and civil construction. 


Sireg presents now the new Injection Tube System (ITS), an innovative device designed to reproduce the soil injection procedure using Durvinil Sleeved Grouting pipes in a laboratory setting, enabling the observation and analysis of the changes that take place in the treated soil during and after the treatment. The system is the result of a collaboration project among Sireg Geotech, University of Milan-Bicocca and Engineering Studio Andrea Pettinaroli originated by the need to assess the most appropriate injection parameters in order to optimize the execution of complex soil consolidation works starting from the design phase. 


The Repetitive Selective Injection (IRS) technique is currently widely used for consolidating and waterproofing different types of soil (in terms of reducing voids, permeability, etc.) thanks to the possibility to adapt the grout mixes, the injection pressure, the number of injections performed, among other factors. 


Sireg Geotech's continues to invest in the Development of new plastic and composite materials and it has been involved by International Research Institutes and Universities in the development of ecological engineering solutions for the subsoil. Recently, a biodegradable plastic pipe has been patented: unlike metals, Sireg composite products do not congest the subsoil and are not an obstacle for future excavations.