The Galileo Gyratory Compactors

The Galileo Gyratory Compactors
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IPC Global announce the release of unique and truly innovative gyratory compactors, the new fully electromechanical Galileo and Galileo Research which require no air compressors or hydraulic pumps.

Incorporating innovations such as IPC Global's Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) mechanism allowing user defined closed-loop control of rate of gyration and axial load and Controls Group's Orbital proprietary gyration & mould rotation system (patent pending), it delivers a truly innovative Copernican Revolution in the field of Gyratory Compaction that will create a paradigm shift and completely changes the established Status Quo.

Designed with the user's needs in mind, both Galileo and Galileo Research use closed-loop control to compact cylindrical specimens of bituminous mixtures by combining a rotary shearing action with a vertical static force to give highly accurate and repeatable test results, together with stiffness and angle stability values that fall comfortably within the limits defined in EN 12697-31, AASHTO T312 and ASTM D6925 D7115 standards.

Among the features that sets the Galileo Research version apart are its closed loop automatic angle adjustment; ability to obtain a zero-angle at the end of the test; and real-time direct shear and torque resistance measurement giving automatic calculation of the compaction energy.

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