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Happy 50th Birthday, CIFA Magnum!


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In 1974, CIFA introduced the first mixer-pump. Fifty years later, CIFA's mixer-pumps (Magnum) continue to be the best-selling globally.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of CIFA's groundbreaking invention, the first concrete mixer-pump—a machine that seamlessly combines curiosity and ingenuity, encapsulating the functionalities of two different machines (the concrete mixer and the pump). Over the years, it has become a shining example of Italian-made innovation. Let's explore its history.


It is an engineering marvel, complex in structure but easy to use due to its electronic systems, making it smart and intuitive. The pinnacle of CIFA's offerings is represented by the Carbotech series, featuring two models with carbon fiber booms. The models are available with booms ranging from 24 to 32 meters and drums of 7 or 9 cubic meters. Moreover, the design ensures maximum loading capacity and balance to maintain high performance and maximum safety. CIFA's Magnums hold the top position in Europe, being far and away the market leaders. Like every good idea, it has been imitated over the decades, but no other manufacturer has managed to dethrone CIFA's dominance in this specific segment.


Davide Cipolla, CEO of CIFA: "This machine, born from Italian ingenuity, has marked an important chapter in CIFA's history, becoming a symbol of innovation and flexibility in the industry. The Magnum's story is a journey into innovation. From the introduction of the front-mounted boom to the latest versions with carbon fiber booms and the electric model, the Magnum has consistently evolved to keep pace with the needs of our clients on the construction site. Tomorrow, we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation for an increasingly sustainable construction site. Thanks to all who have contributed to making this extraordinary success story possible, to both the CIFA of yesterday and today."

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