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Hidromek introduced new generatıon machınes at Bauma 2022


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Hidromek launched new models and introduced new generation machines ‘HİDROMEK NEXT’ and new remote-controlling operator cabin Hidromek launched new models and introduced new generation machines ‘Hidromek Next’ and new remote-con Opera at Bauma 2022 Fair.

Hidromek introduced new generation machines under the name of “Hidromek Next” at Bauma 2022 Fair. Hidromek Next new generation machines, HMK 140 LC, HMK 130 CS and HMK 680 MG were exhibited.


HMK 140 LC crawler excavator is equipped with inclination sensor, swing sensor, e-dig wall and e-trench systems, together with LIDAR technology. At Bauma 2022, HMK 140 LC operated autonomically and showed its operation control skills. HMK 130 CS soil compactor and HMK 680 MG motor grader are also equipped with LIDAR technology. With these technologies, Hidromek Next machines provide safe work zone. 


By examining operator habits, Hidromek has designed “Hidromek Opera” which is a new remote-controlling operator cabin for backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, motor graders, wheel loaders and soil compactors. Hidromek Opera puts the operator into the center and combines modern lines and technology with Hidromek design approach. Hidromek Opera allows Hidromek operators to use any Hidromek machine remotely at any place and time without sacrificing comfort. At Bauma 2022, the new wheel loader HMK 630 WL was remotely controlled by Hidromek Opera. 




Hidromek’s new, fourth-generation backhoe loader family K4 Series were displayed at the fair. K4 Series offer powerful performance, versatility and comfort with its superior technology and unique design. Having joysticks integrated on the seat K4 Series have “autotilt” feature, patented by Hidromek, which enables the steering column lifting up automatically when the operator switches to backhoe side and rotate the seat. At Bauma 2022, mini backhoe loader HMK 62 SS with canopy cabin, new mini crawler backhoe loader HMK 62 TC, HMK 102B and HMK 102S machines belongs to K4 family is exhibited. HMK 62 SS with canopy cabin enables to operate in working areas having low ceiling. HMK 62 TC mini crawler backhoe loader provides working with many different attachments such as trailer, cylinder, wood chipper, auger, concrete mixer, rotary slasher, mulcher and cambridge roller. 


Hidromek also exhibited a wide range of crawler and wheel excavators belonging to H4 Series. HMK 65 ZT, HMK 85 CP, HMK 140 LC, HMK 145 LC SR, HMK 235 LC SR, HMK 230 LC, HMK 310 NLC, HMK 390 NLC HD, HMK 520 LC HD crawler excavators, HMK 150 WR, HMK 210 W MH wheel excavators were displayed. 


The new HMK 85 CP (crawler platform) belonging to the H4 Series, is a multi-purpose machine which ables to work with 2 different attachments as in telescobic loader and telescopic crane, providing versatility in different jobs. 


The new HMK 520 LC HD crawler excavator offers the possibility of shipping the machine with narrower chassis. By using this solution, the width of machine could be mechanically shortened in a way to meet the road regulations during the shipment, and provides benefits of lower cost of shipment and faster transportation. 


At Bauma 2022, Hidromek also exhibited HMK 160 CS soil compactors, HMK 635 WL and HMK 640 WL wheel loaders, and HMK 280 MG motor grader.




At Bauma 2022 fair, Hidromek also drove attention to sustainability. In the frame of Hidromek’s environment management policy and reducing waste amount, Asaf Erdemli, Lead Clay Modeller of Hidromek Design Studio, delivered performance and gave life to the scrap pieces from Hidromek's factories in order to merge the concept of "Sustainability" through his own art philosophy.

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