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Hidromek: ready for Bauma 2022!


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Hidromek ıs ready for Bauma 2022 wıth ıts new and ınnovatıve machınes.

Hidromek produces backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders and soil compactors in its six production facilities including four factories in Ankara, a factory in İzmir and a factory in Thailand.


Having machines operating in more than 100 countries on 6 continents, Hidromek performs the management of international authorized dealers and provides sales and after sales services through its international sales and after sales service centers; Hidromek West in Barcelona, Spain, Hidromek RUS in Krasnodar, Russia and Hidromek Japan in Sagamihara, Japan. Today Hidromek has more than 250 sales and after sales service points in over 80 countries.


At Bauma 2022, Hidromek will exhibit its machines belonging to the new K4 Series backhoe loaders first time abroad. More to this, new models from hydraulic excavator, wheel loader, motor grader and soil compactors will be displayed as well. Bringing innovative and technological products to the sector in its R&D centers, design studio and engineering departments within, Hidromek continues its R&D activities for developing semi-autonomous, electric and hybrid machines. At Bauma 2022, Hidromek will exhibit its new generation machines and also the new generation operator workstation Hidromek Vision Opera will be introduced by experiencing.


The new K4 Series offers versatile solutions for excavation, sub - super structure, agriculture, forest, landscape works and in industrial areas. Using with different attachments, K4 Series perfectly fulfills the backhoe and loader performances. Providing a comfortable usage thanks to the steering column with autotilt feature, HMK 102B backhoe loader easily adapts to both the backhoe and loader positions. At Bauma 2022, machines belonging to the new K4 Series backhoe loaders will be exhibited. In addition, under K4 Series, Hidromek’s mini backhoe loader HMK 62 SS and new crawler backhoe loader HMK 62 T will also be exhibited at the fair with their new cabin and hood. 


The new HMK 85 SR belonging to the H4 Series, is a short radius crawler excavator which provides superior performance in narrow areas with its unique maneuverability through its powerful engine and balanced structure. The multi-purpose machine is able to work with 3 different attachments to provide versatility in different jobs.


Hidromek widens its wheel excavator group by adding a new one – a 7 tones model, HMK 70 W. The new HMK 70 W wheel excavator offers an outstanding performance by working fast, productively and efficiently. HMK 70 W provides smooth operation in urban areas or terrain with its durable and balanced structure, easy usage, versatility, operator comfort and safe working environment.


HMK 520 LC HD is Hidromek’s largest excavator which provides the possibility of shipping the machine with narrower chassis. By using this solution, the width of machine could be mechanically shortened in a way to meet the road regulations during the shipment, and provides benefits of lower cost of shipment and faster transportation.

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