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The E19e two tonne electric Bobcat mini-excavator


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Bobcat Expands Electric Line-Up at Bauma 2022 with the new E19e mini-excavator.

The Bobcat E19e features the same profile, external dimensions and comparable performance as the popular diesel powered E19 mini-excavator, more than 10,000 of which have been sold worldwide. The E19e boasts the same stability, lift capacity and breakout forces as its conventional counterpart, while its constant torque curve (a feature of electric motors) ensures dependable and powerful operations.


With a width of just 98 cm, the new electric model is easy to operate in even the most confined workspaces, making it ideal for tasks such as demolition as well as outside applications that require quiet, zero-emission operations. The E19e features a 3.5-hour battery capacity and with a super-fast charger, this means that the power can be topped up during work breaks, so the machine can be used all day for the majority of typical applications.


Miroslav Konas,Mini-Excavator Product Manager at Doosan Bobcat EMEA, said: “The E19e electric mini-excavator combines a safe, nearly silent, zero-emission design with the E19’s market-leading features and performance, as well as its suitability for working in confined spaces. As a result, it is the ideal machine for applications such as indoor and outdoor demolition, landscaping and infrastructure activities, and other tasks that necessitate night-time work or low noise levels. The E19e represents an extremely attractive solution for rental companies and contractors alike.”

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